Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oodnadatta Track to William Creek

Tuesday 5th June

We set off from Coward Springs bound for William Creek, hoping to get there in time to take a flight over Lake Eyre. However, by the time we arrived the wind was quite strong and an early morning flight seemed a better idea.

It took us longer than expected to reach William Creek because of the deviations we chose to make. First stop was the ruins of Beresford Siding on the Old Ghan, which also has quite a large flowing artesian bore and dam.
Beresford Siding
Water tower at Beresford Siding.

A bit further along were the Strangways ruins. This area was the site of a Repeater Station for the Overland Telegraph and also a thriving community and sheep property. The ruins are quite extensive, some of them still very solid. We also did the Mound Springs walk past a variety of different types of springs, and a very isolated cemetery. Strangways is now part of Anna Creek Station, one of the world’s largest cattle stations – bigger than Belgium, and nearly 3 times the size of Lake Eyre. It is part of the Kidman group of properties.
Birds nests at Strangways
Stone built water tower, Strangways
The ruins of Strangways shearing shed
David resting at a mound spring

Waterfall at another mound spring, the picture shows the sediment build-up

William Creek is a community of 2 permanent residents and a number of temporary ones. It has one house, a hotel, a Wrightsair office, a garage, a campground, a rubbish dump and an airport – oh, and there are lots of galahs. That’s it. Petrol was $2.30 per litre, so we decided to buy it at the next stop in Coober Pedy where we are informed that it’s much cheaper. The full moon over William Creek was wonderful as the wind had blown the clouds away.
William Creek Hotel
Dining Room, William Creek Hotel
William Creek Airport - 3 of the 8 planes
Galahs having a rest

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