Friday, June 1, 2012

Burra to Hawker

Monday 21 May

Today we travelled with Rob and Carol Sanderson towards the Flinders Ranges, stopping overnight at a great Caravan Park on the outskirts of Hawker. We stopped for lunch at Terowie, a historic railway town now in serious decline. In the 1960s it had a population of over 2000, but now only 150 live there. It used to be the junction of two railway gauges, and had extensive railyards.  However its most famous visitor was probably General Douglas Macarthur who in 1942, reputedly declared, “I shall return.”

After a night at Hawker – a the only Caravan Park I’ve ever seen that supplies shampoo, conditioner, bathmats and a hairdryer in the shower block, we travelled on to the Flinders Ranges, deciding to stay for three nights at Willow Springs Station.

Wind farms north of Burra
Terowie, an old railway town
Farmer Rob in the Heritage Park, Terowie

The old railway station, Terowie
Plaque commemorating the visit of Douglas Macarthur
Peterborough town sign. Known as the town where three rail gauges met 

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