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Friday 18 May

We finally arrived at Burra by lunchtime to meet up with the Camper Trailer Group at Princess Royal Station. The property began life as a copper mining enterprise in 1845 and is now a conglomeration of several properties, totalling 21 700 acres. It now specialises in producing beef and has several feedlots. There is a magnificent old homestead on the property, surrounded by mature trees, so is extremely difficult to photograph.

Sunset at Princess Royal Station

Early morning at Princess Royal

Saturday 19 May

Today we toured Burra, exploring its mining heritage. Copper mining saved the South Australian  government from bankruptcy. Although copper is no longer mined there, the past wealth is evident in the buildings. Due to a timber shortage all the buildings are made of stone, fences are dry stone wall construction. There are some impressive buildings, many still standing but others are in ruins. One of the most impressive landmarks is the monster mine site, now open cut, but it was originally tunnelling underground, to significant depths. The remaining pit is one of the southern hemisphere’s deep sea diving training sites.

Old mine chimney in Burra
Old mine now used for diving training

Disused Court House

Paxtons Row miners cottages in Burra

Old miners' dugouts in the creek bed for those who couldn't afford housing

On Sunday we took a trip to Redbanks, a nature reserve about 15km from Burra. It takes its name from the magnificent red banks of the Creek which runs through the reserve. In the eroded banks were found fossilised skeletons of megafauna. The Landscapes of Change 5 km bushwalk was fairly easy except for a steep pinch, but the view from the top revealed hidden waterholes along the creek. There are massive eroded gullies, up to 10 metres deep.

Water hole in Burra Creek at Redbanks
Mulga parrots, Redbanks
Deeply eroded gullies, Redbanks

The red banks that give the area its name
A very healthy prickly pear bush, laden with fruit, in a garden in Burra

The weekend at Burra was very enjoyable meeting other members of the Camper Trailers Group from South Australia and Victoria – good food, warm campfires and great company.

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