Friday, June 1, 2012

Flinders Ranges - Willow Springs and Arkaroo Rock

Wednesday 23 May

Skytrek, the 4WD course on Willow Springs was the event for the day. The original track of 80km has now been shortened but there was still plenty to see – differing vegetation, bull dust, old homesteads, the original spring that gave the station its name. There are many interesting rock formations and fossils, since much of the land was historically an ancient seabed. Part of the new course follows the original track and provided a bit of 4WD practice for Rob. There are spectacular views on this section of the track. With our frequent stops for photo opportunities we took about six hours to complete the whole trek and it was a wonderful day. However the lasting impression is of arid countryside which must be very difficult, perhaps marginal, for farming, but from which people are still able to make a living.

Willow Springs gateway
Typical creek lined with ancient river red gums
Dust Dust Dust... the side window
and also in front
Rippled rock used to be on the seabed
Moxon's hut was an isolated outstation
A typical food safe
Fossilised water plants
A river bank of tightly packed shale

Thursday 24 May

Overnight the weather changed and we were informed at the Wilpena Visitor Centre that today has brought their first rain since February. As I wrote at about 5 pm the temperature was about 7⁰ and it hadn’t been much higher all day. It was also drizzling all day. So off we set for a 2km walk up a mountain to see Arkaroo Rock with its Aboriginal rock art. We reached the site, took our photos and walked back down in the rain. Unfortunately my photos of the rock art weren't very good, so none are included.
Never before have I completed a walk wearing 2 jackets, a beanie, a scarf, gloves and tracksuit pants and not been hot.  We rewarded ourselves with a welcome hot pie and coffee. To complete the day, the rain eased, and Rob got a fire going, so we had a chance to warm up at last.
Kangaroo grazing on sparse fodder

Carol, striding along, early in the walk, well rugged-up
Mudstone outcrop
David striding off into the mist
The downhill section, mountains still obscured by mist

Ancient rocks

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  1. We are now home after four lovely sunny days at Beechworth where there was still lots of colour to my delight. Was great catching up with you at Burra and will pop in to see your further adventures.


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