Saturday, June 2, 2012

Exploring the Flinders - Brachina Gorge

Sunday 27 May

Today we toured Brachina Gorge, along the geological trail. This section of the Flinders is the oldest with rocks up to 570 million years old. Because of the folding and uplifting that has occurred there are many different rock strata exposed, representing up to 12 different rock formations.  Brachina Creek, which wanders through the Gorge has very little water and is lined with magnificent old river gums.  The creek bed is wide and shallow, like most in this arid part of Australia. There is evidence of regular flooding, with debris and dead timber in abundance. The ranger informed us that it may flood up to three times in a summer. It was easy to take lots of photos in the Gorge - interesting rock colours and shapes, magnificent cliffs and of course the trees.
Rocks under pressure
Beautiful waterholes
Dtriated rocks

No, it's not corrugated iron - it's a rock

At the eastern end of the Gorge - and the Flinders

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