Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On the wildflower trail 8-9 August

On leaving Geraldton we headed east towards Mullewa, one of the many places with outstanding displays of wildflowers. After lunch in Mullewa we headed south to stay at Coalseam Conservation Park, one of many administered by Parks and Wildlife, but overseen by volunteer Camp Hosts. 
Despite the pleasant surroundings it was raining and cold, one of the coldest days we have experienced since leaving Alice Springs in mid May. In fact I piteously complained to David, "I want to go back where it's warm."

Next morning the sun shone brightly and off we went to search for wildflowers. No, I didn't have to twist David's arm, he is very impressed with the colour and variety on show. The particular quest was to find the elusive wreath flower which I hadn't heard of until recently. They prefer to grow in low quality disturbed soil, particularly along roadside verges. With explicit directions we found them,  but the cars pulled up along the road in the middle of nowhere were a bit of a giveaway.

The line of green "pancakes" along the edge of the road are all wreath flowers at various stages

After the wreath flowers we found several other types, such as Smelly Socks and Pink Poker, and varieties of pink, yellow and white everlasting daisies. They make beautiful spreads through the bushland that the camera can't really capture.

The other event of the day was a traffic jam! About 6 cars and a couple of vans were stopped on one side of the river as a large dual axle caravan had changed his mind about doing the water crossing, reversed to go back and promptly got bogged, holding up everyone, including a number of cars from a Variety Bash. However, while maxtrax were deployed on one side of the river, our side had a bit of fun. One of the Variety cars was decorated for the Beach Boys,  the Avan driver ahead of us found his Beach Boys music and his wife danced on the road with the Variety guy in full beach rig. We met up with the cars again near the wildflowers and they were having a fine time with loud car horns, firecracker noises and plenty of liquid refreshment. We hope they had their designated driver strategy firmly in place.
A well-named Avan

Half the traffic jam
The Beach Boys vehicle
A faded Beach Boy, with the bogged van in the background
Captain Underpants
The Variety Club Bash vehicles at Pindar
After a lovely sunny day, we finished with a campfire put on by the camp hosts, then a very cool night with extra blankets needed.

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