Sunday, August 5, 2012

Winding Down and Wending Home

31 July - 4th August

Departing Lightning Ridge after another swim in the Spa Baths marked the end of new faces and places and a return to the old and familiar.

Our first stop was in Burren Junction - a place we first visited in the 70s - BC. Back then we had a midnight swim in the Burren Bore after a fun filled night at the local pub. This time I snapped a wonderful picture at a different pub, but we drove on past of nest of caravans ensconced at the Bore.

Arriving in Narrabri David wanted to meet up with Len Sevil, one of his cricketing mates from the 70s, which took a couple of hours.

After one of our longest travelling days we finally arrived at my sister's place at Dungowan, well after dark. A couple of nights at their place, thankfully not in the camper, convinced us that winter camping near Tamworth is not desirable. A fantastic sunset, lighting up the whole sky was followed by a vicious frost, which closed the New England Highway north of Armidale.

Sunset filled the whole sky at Dungowan

A heavy frost the following morning

From Tamworth we had a night with Di and Jim, our friends in Bellingen and a night with our son and his family in the Hunter Valley. After a morning watching an Under 6 soccer match we were finally back to earth, and returned to the realm of domestic life and family connections.

Max in action at Branxton

Must go now and turn on the air-con so I can watch the Olympics in comfort.

But, I will really miss the big skies and open space of the outback - favourites since my childhood.

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