Sunday, July 22, 2012

Plumbing the depths of powerlessness in Charleville

Sunday 22 July

It all began with the football. After an exciting afternoon watching  the Charleville Comets defeat the Augathella Meat Ants 44-12 we completed the day with a roast dinner. This exciting event had been planned well in advance with little thought of Sunday’s breakfast until after the shops had closed. Our lack of bread for toast was just the first in a list of events which sound like a comedy of errors.
Penny in action reporting on the footy

No bread - we can have pancakes for breakfast. Halfway through cooking the power went out. Everyone (apparently) had received notification of this, except Penny. A quick trip down the road elicited the information that it would not be back on until 3 pm. On a Sunday!
Cherrypickers dominated the streets replacing power poles and lines

Next to arrive was John to pump out an accumulation of water from under Penny’s floor. Its source is unknown and its odour nil, but apparently it is a source of great peril to anyone living in the flat. The plumbers will not come to investigate until the water has dried up. We cannot use the shower or the toilet, even though there is no evidence it is a sewer problem.

Fortunately there is a hotel just across the road, so off to the toilet there. Oh no, there is no power so the pub is closed. In fact all the pubs in town are closed. Only the RSL is unaffected. Just as well we could have lunch there or we would have faded away to shadows.

In the meantime the agent handling the flat tried to steamroll Penny into relocating her office and possessions into an empty house while the mystery leak is dried up by commercial fans. The day before her weekly publication deadline.  A stay of execution is negotiated, except for the 3 minute drive to the toilet and shower. Furnished options like cabins or motel rooms were obviously out of the question. Looks like an abstemious week ahead.

After no cup of tea for breakfast – the gas jets in our camp stove are blocked and all the shops are closed due to the power outage - everyone was feeling caffeine deprived. Then we remembered Kelly Kettle, water was boiled, tea was poured and drunk. The power has been restored and we all feel empowered once again. Except for a slight loo problem – the inconvenient convenience.   

Despite trying 3 gas bottles the camping stove was unco-operative
Kelly kettle to the rescue
The excitement of the day was too much for David

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